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Large Outdoor Medical Tent
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, KENTEN offers a variety of medical tents for sale, these medical tents include: medical supplies storage tents, medical emergency shelters, isolation tents,
Large gym sports tent for sale
KENTEN Tent provide wide range of tent products for sports venues such as indoor sports field hall and sports arena tent. We offer affordable solutions for indoor sports of all kinds, whether it is tennis, football, badminton, basketball, swimming pool or other sports.
Large Clear Top Tent for Sale - Clear Tent for Party & Wedding Event
Clear Tent for Party & Wedding Event,The clear Tent is the perfect solution for high-end outdoor weddings and parties.
Large Temporary Warehouse Structures
The KENTEN temporary warehouse structure is suitable for customers who need flexible storage space. No need to spend money to rent or build a warehouse. You can install it on almost any type of ground and it only takes a few weeks to install.
Custom heavy duty storage tent 40x60 with large door
storage tent 3m to 80m span width available to be customized.
Disaster relief tents for sale
Application of KENTEN structure disaster relief tent:large disaster shelter,Disaster Relief Command Center,On-site hospital emergency center
Outdoor large waterproof event tent for sale
KENTEN has been in the tent business for 21 years. We can provide you with any tent you want. Whether it's a wedding, a corporate event, or a holiday party, we've got a solution for you.
Application scenarios of expo tent series
The popular KENTEN/A Structure Tent is a great option when large structures are needed for any type of special event such as corporate hospitality
Large-scale tent construction solutions
When disaster strikes, you need a response team that can provide quick and large scale disaster mitigation solutions.
KENTEN large warehouse tent solution
Industrial companies need fast, flexible and scalable space solutions to help them with their procurement, production and distribution of goods.
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