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Disaster relief tents for sale

date 2022-10-08
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Temporary relief and shelter centers are essential when disaster strikes. We offer a range of disaster relief tent solutions that are sold to disaster relief agencies and disaster areas around the world. These tents can be quickly erected into large disaster relief shelters after disasters and crises.

Our disaster relief tents perform well and provide a safe and functional environment in extreme weather conditions. The tent is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with a classic A-frame design. The width of the tent can be selected from 3m-60m (9ft-196ft), and the length can be extended infinitely to meet the needs of different sizes. PVC fabric is different from the canvas of traditional tents. Made of multi-layer PVC industrial grade fabric, it has the characteristics of UV resistance, flame retardant, tear resistance and so on.

The disaster relief tent has a flexible interior space without internal beams, and can be equipped with a variety of optional accessories to meet any needs, such as floors, lighting, tables and chairs, medical equipment, etc. After the disaster relief work is over, our disaster relief tents can be completely dismantled and used elsewhere.

Disaster relief tents for sale

Disaster relief tents for sale

Application of KENTEN structure disaster relief tent:

large disaster shelter

Disaster Relief Command Center

On-site hospital emergency center

temporary barracks

Equipment and Tool Storage

Kitchen and Dining

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