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Plans for purchasing tents for large outdoor exhibitions
How big of a tent does the show need? How to make a tent look beautiful? Custom Size Trade Show Tent
KENTEN custom tent solution - Professional tent manufacturer
Looking for a totally unique custom event tent? KENTEN tents can promote your brand with custom tents with logos. Your business can use these structures for a variety of business and corporate activities.
span width of KENTEN A-shape tents is from 3m to 60m
KENTEN A Frame Tent is the perfect solution for a big crowd event such as weddings, parties, corporate events, trade shows, fashion shows, summer balls, and so on
KENTEN A-shaped tent application scenarios
A-shaped tents are the perfect solution for large crowd events such as weddings, parties, corporate events, trade shows, fashion shows and many other events that require more space and fewer obstacles
KENTEN High Quality Large Aluminum Event Tent
No matter it's a corporate or private party, a trade fair, an exhibition, an auto show, a VIP lounge, or a festival, KENTEN Tent can always find a creative and innovative solution for you.
Large Clear Top Tent for Sale - Clear Tent for Party & Wedding Event
Clear Tent for Party & Wedding Event,The clear Tent is the perfect solution for high-end outdoor weddings and parties.
What is the height of the event tent?
How to choose the height?Each event is organized in a different place. Regular height activity tents will be suitable for general activities
Outdoor Tent with Glass Walls
Whether it's an exhibition, event, sport or an important wedding moment, glass tents will bring a different experience to your guests, so glass tents have become one of the preferred tent types.
KENTEN Project Case Exhibition Trade Show Event Tent
This tent project is for Appliance World Expo. It is in Zhongshan, 2021.
30×100 Event Tent for Car Show
30×100 Outdoor Auto Show Event Canopy Tent,In recent years, car brand event canopies have been frequently used in various events, exhibitions and event venues
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