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What is the height of the event tent?

date 2022-09-19
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The standard tent has a top height of 5.16m and a side height of 3.3m.

How to choose the height?

Each event is organized in a different place. Regular height activity tents will be suitable for general activities, but at the same time we need to consider whether some large equipment needs to be placed in the activity tent, or the top decoration problem, in this case, we will customize a uniquely designed activity tent.

Is the height of the event tent fixed?

The height of the tent is not fixed. Like some large-scale events, when you need to place some professional equipment for shooting and stage arrangement, the common tent height cannot meet the current needs, we can provide you with customized services, and provide you with tent buildings of different heights according to the actual situation of the event. . Holding event tents at different heights will bring different feelings to customers, and the space will be more spacious and comfortable.

What is the role of the different heights of the tents?

When you need more space, the tent can be designed as a two- or three-layer tent, so that you have two or three layers of usable area, properly arrange the space to make the activities more colorful, and the walls can be designed as glass curtain walls to make the activities more colorful. The event is more gorgeous and fashionable.

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