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30×100 Event Tent for Car Show

date 2022-10-08
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30×100 Outdoor Auto Show Event Canopy Tent

In recent years, car brand event canopies have been frequently used in various events, exhibitions and event venues. Event tents are now one of the must-haves. The event canopy has won the favor of auto brands for its unique flexibility.

Flexibility and Mobility Event Tent

These 30×100 auto show tents are mainly used for electric formula events, and are committed to the pursuit of innovation and sustainable development, which promotes the development of electric formula compared with traditional motor sports that focus on the electric vehicle industry and new energy fields.

KENTEN provides a large number of temporary outdoor auto show event tents for maintenance areas, security areas, parking lot waiting areas, VIP rooms, lounges, restaurants, parking racks, warehouses, etc.

The 30×100 Auto Show Event Tent provides a comfortable and ideal place for racing events where spectators can enjoy racing while waiting, watching and dining.

20×20 Event Tent for Car Show

20×20 Event Tent for Car Show

20×20 Event Tent for Car Show

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