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Portable Outdoor Bleachers Tents For Sale

date 2022-10-09
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KENTEN can supply a wide range of flexible and customizable accessories for portable outdoor stands. The height and length of the tent can be customized according to the customer's needs, and after the event, the portable outdoor stand can be detached for storage and transportation.

Sports events have a unique charm with their strong viewing and interactivity. In order to improve the viewing of sports events, portable outdoor stands play a vital role and are also an important part of ensuring the order of the scene.

In order to maintain the order and safety of sports events, some will set up viewing areas, while portable outdoor stands are to make the originally scattered audience watch the events in the stands in a more orderly manner. KENTEN has been providing portable outdoor stands for viewing areas of many major sporting events, using tent halls for outdoor sporting events as safe and complete as traditional stadiums.

As a temporary facility solution, portable stands can be used for a wide variety of outdoor and indoor events. Many events held inside tents, such as sporting events, fashion shows, pop-up cinemas, cultural events, etc. require portable stands for spectators. KENTEN can provide custom designs for portable stands to meet various requirements.

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