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Prefabricated structure tent suitable for warehouse

date 2024-02-23
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KENTEN can build prefabricated large-scale warehouse tents suitable for warehouses according to the needs of manufacturers in various regions, and can also customize the size, from 10-80 meters clear span, the length can be infinitely extended, and because there are no columns inside, it can be classified Plan and layout the space to make full use of the space while making it easier to inventory and store items.

Prefabricated structure tent suitable for warehouse

Of course, many customers are concerned about the issue of warmth and what to do when encountering strong winds and heavy rains. The PVC tarpaulin we use can effectively insulate and resist wind and rain. It can also be equipped with space or industrial fans to protect the interior of the tent. Adjust the temperature to ensure a constant temperature in large warehouse tents. The 6082 aluminum alloy used can resist wind levels 8-10.

KENTEN focuses on modular tent structures, which not only solves the problem of insufficient storage space, but also provides various manufacturers with higher-quality industrial tents.

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