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Prefabricated tent building

date 2024-02-23
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1. What is a prefabricated tent?

The prefabricated mobile tent is a new type of building form. The tent factory processes and manufactures the construction components and accessories, transports them to the construction site, and assembles and installs them on site through reliable connections. At the construction site, you only need to put them together. Just put them together, just like building blocks, and build a tent.

structure tent

2. Why are prefabricated tents popular?

1、high speed

The factory prefabrication time is fast and the on-site erection time is fast. Modular aluminum alloy tents with various needs can be produced in the factory quickly. After production, they can be assembled directly on site. The construction speed is fast, which greatly shortens the construction period and can be put into use quickly, helping enterprises to solve problems in a timely manner. Worry during low and peak seasons.

2、it can move

Compared with the traditional cement and steel structure, the advantage of the movable prefabricated tent building is obviously its flexibility, modular components, the entire building can be freely expanded and retracted, can be large or small, easy to disassemble and assemble, and can be directly disassembled in the off-season according to needs. Expansion or relocation. This is unmatched by traditional buildings.

3、Environmental friendly

Aluminum alloy materials comply with modular operation, recycling and reuse, high reuse rate, effective environmental protection, low energy consumption, structural longevity, reducing environmental pollution, and achieving sustainable development of the industry.

4、Long service life

It can provide spans of 6-80 meters, and the length can be extended infinitely in multiples of 3 or 5 meters.

structure tent

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