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Reusable storage tent

date 2024-02-22
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According to the needs of customers, the temporary storage tents produced by KENTEN do not have any internal pillars and are spacious. They can accommodate the entry of large equipment, the storage of goods, and can also facilitate the entry and exit of container trucks, forklifts, etc. for transportation. At the same time, it is ensured that unloading and loading can be carried out under any weather conditions, and goods that have not yet been sorted can be stored for a short period of time, and the warehouse can be planned and utilized more effectively.

temporary storage tent

The main structure of the temporary storage tent is made of high-quality aluminum and double-sided PVC synthetic fiber cloth. It is lightweight, easy to transport, quick to set up and expand, and 100% reusable, which solves the problem of difficult expansion of the warehouse. , the problem of difficult warehousing during off-peak and peak seasons.

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