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Set up large temporary storage tents in factories
Temporary storage tents can be set up quickly and have high space utilization. KENTEN provides many types of tents, in addition to the common A-shaped roofs, curved roofs,etc.
Large storage tent - 2,000 square meters can be set up in one day
​The main frame of the large storage tent is made of high-quality high-strength aluminum, with a wind resistance of 100km/hr
Customized large industrial storage tents
KENTEN Structure provides a variety of tent accessories, including doors and windows such as electric rolling shutters, glass double/single doors, sliding doors, etc
Industrial storage tents - temporary building
Industrial storage tents are a type of temporary building specifically designed for industrial production and warehousing
Temporary Warehouse Tent for Sale – Storage Tents
When you are facing the unexpected growth of your company or seasonal products, a temporary warehouse building is your first choice to store your goods.
Prefabricated industrial storage tent
Transform the original fixed warehouse building into one that can be flexibly dismantled, quickly relocated, and reused
What issues should you pay attention to when purchasing a storage tent?
So what issues should you pay attention to when buying a storage tent? KENTEN Tent is here to answer your questions.
Aluminum alloy warehouse tent for sale
Aluminum alloy warehouse tents are cost-effective and are a better choice for temporary or permanent storage tents.
Industrial storage tents will have modular structures
Industrial storage tents are different from traditional tents. KENTEN industrial storage tents can be used outdoors for a long time and have high requirements for safety and durability
Reusable storage tent
According to the needs of customers, the temporary storage tents produced by KENTEN do not have any internal pillars and are spacious.
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