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KENTEN SPORTS TENT can be used to build gyms and stadiums
At only a fraction of the investment and building time of a regular building, we can provide you with either a sports courtyard, to cover a bowling alley for instance, or a full-fledged sports hall or stadium
Specialist marquees for ice rinks
If you’re looking for eye catching and practical structures for your ice rink, we have ideal solutions for you.
KENTEN's structural tent for sporting events
We can design and implement structures tent for sporting events that are as varied as the different sports themselves.
Two Story Large Party Marquee for Sale
Double decker party marquee widely used for sports events, parties, and outdoor events
KENTEN can create an all-weather indoor badminton court sports venue.
We recommend high top tent types such as polygon top tents, curved roof tents. The single badminton hall is recommended to be 20m×15m
Prefabricated indoor sports tent for sale
Indoor sports tents can be used for sports in indoor venues with complete sports facilities and not affected by wind and rain.
We provide flexible, fast and tailor-made sports tents
If you choose to use our prefabricated tents, we can deliver within a few weeks a new stadium that is tailored to the end user's every need and ready to use.
Large 20×30 Event Tent For Sale
​KENTEN enent tent size can be customized.Application Areas: outdoor activities, large-scale exhibitions, sports events, industrial facilities, commercial promotion, industrial warehousing, celebrations
Outdoor 15x10 Event Tent For Sale
Event tent application fields: large-scale exhibitions, sports events, commercial promotion, logistics distribution, etc.
Solution for large tennis aluminum alloy tent
If you're looking for a way to take your tennis game to the next level, an outdoor large-scale tennis sports aluminum alloy tent might be just what you need.
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