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Outdoor 15x10 Event Tent For Sale

date 2023-02-21
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Outdoor 15x10 Event Tent parameter :

Specifications and sizes: can be customized according to customer needs

Product material: aluminum alloy T6-6061, steel, PVC tarpaulin

Features: economical and flexible, easy assembly and disassembly, safe and stable, large space

Application areas: outdoor activities, large-scale exhibitions, sports events, industrial facilities, commercial promotion, industrial storage, celebrations, logistics distribution, tourism and leisure, military applications, disaster relief and other temporary activities

Optional supporting facilities: transparent PVC windows, ABS hard-sided walls, floor systems, etc.

15x10 Event Tent

15x10 Event Tent

15x10 Event Tent

The top color of the event tent can be white, clear or custom colors and graphics according to your needs.

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