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Two Story Large Party Marquee for Sale

date 2023-02-01
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Our two-story tents generally have a net span of 10-40 meters and can be extended infinitely. We offer a variety of modeling options such as A-shaped roofs, vaulted roofs and cube inflatable roofs.

You can install glass walls in a two-story tent to separate different functional areas. The second floor can be used as an outdoor balcony. The interior can be used as a restroom, restaurant, etc. The interior can also be decorated with air conditioners, carpets, sofas, etc. In order to create a better on-site atmosphere, digital inkjet painting can also be used on the PVC cover to customize brand patterns or text to achieve outdoor publicity effects. As a professional tent manufacturer, we have been committed to providing high-quality two-ply tent tents at the best price.

In order to maximize the use of the site, KENTEN two-story tent is a very good choice. In the same size floor area, you will get double the activity space.

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