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Morden Geodesic Dome Tent For Sale
Spherical tents can be used in outdoor hotels, gardens, parties, weddings, large-scale events, etc.
Large Wedding Tents For 200 People
We provide large wedding tents that can accommodate 200 people, allowing you to hold a grand and wonderful wedding.
Outdoor Large Wedding Party Tent For Sale
The net span of the tent is large, and the flexibility of interior setting and decoration is also greater. The top color of the tent can be white, clear or custom colors and graphics according to your needs.
Large 20×30 Event Tent For Sale
​KENTEN enent tent size can be customized.Application Areas: outdoor activities, large-scale exhibitions, sports events, industrial facilities, commercial promotion, industrial warehousing, celebrations
Outdoor 15x10 Event Tent For Sale
Event tent application fields: large-scale exhibitions, sports events, commercial promotion, logistics distribution, etc.
20m Large Clear Top Tent for Sale
20m transparent tent is the perfect solution for high-end outdoor weddings and parties.
Advantages of Using Large Aluminum Structure Tents as Warehouses
One of the biggest advantages of using large aluminum structure tents as warehouses is their flexibility. Unlike traditional warehouses, these tents can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled as needed.
Solution for large tennis aluminum alloy tent
If you're looking for a way to take your tennis game to the next level, an outdoor large-scale tennis sports aluminum alloy tent might be just what you need.
China Custom Trade Show Tent Manufacturers
As a large tent manufacturer and tent supplier in custom trade show tent business in China, KENTEN has more than 23 years of experience in tent design, production, installation.
Geodesic Dome Projection For Sale
Among our recent geodesic dome tent projects, the 360 projection dome is the most representative. Geodesic dome tents have the advantage of large space and have unparalleled advantages in projection.
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