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20x50x5m Atrium Tent - Black Structure Tent

20x50x5m Atrium Tent Black aluminum alloy structure tents are now widely used in outdoor activities such as exhibitions and wedding parties due to their design concepts and novel structures.

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20x50x5m Atrium Tent  -  Black Structure Tent

Product Introduction

Atrium Tent

Atrium Tent have more advantages in structure, using aluminum alloy profiles, with spans from 10 meters to 80 meters. The design and appearance of black tents are even more diverse: A-shaped, polygonal, air film flat roof, etc., the interior of the Atrium tent No load-bearing pillars are needed, the space is 100% utilized, and there are no special requirements for the construction site. It can be built on any open space, such as grass or cement ground, and the new prefabricated black tent has the characteristics of heat insulation and wind resistance. , rainproof, flexible in disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation.

The Atrium Tent is equipped with transparent glass walls, floors and other accessories, combined with transparent PVC tarpaulin, to create a different outdoor activity for you.

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