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Negative pressure projection screen dome

Safe, economical, high-quality, comprehensive dome theater with wide application fields and the best viewing effect

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Negative pressure projection screen dome

Product Introduction

Advantages of projection dome tents
  1. The overall force is uniform and stable, anti-typhoon, not easy to fall, ensuring the safety of the audience.

  2. Modular integration, fast construction, convenient disassembly and assembly, convenient transportation and flexible operation.

  3. The appearance is beautiful, the picture is high-definition, the sound effect is good, the look and feel are excellent, and it has the effect of immersive experience.

  4. 360-degree panorama, can be used as a variety of space applications.

It is used in science and technology museums, aerospace exhibitions, real estate openings, shopping malls openings, commercial plazas, opening ceremonies, celebrations, annual meeting planning, exhibition performances, playgrounds, international tourist areas, scenic spots, bars, parties, etc.

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