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What kind of event tents are commonly used for commercial activities?

For outdoor commercial activities, aluminum-framed modular event tents are commonly used to provide shelter from the elements while allowing for flexible setup and decoration, making the event more exciting and providing a better experience for guests.

There are many types of tents, how to choose?

Simple tents often cannot meet the presentation requirements for outdoor events. To pursue more suitable and unique outdoor event tent designs, KENTEN has developed various types of outdoor event tents with flat roofs, curved roofs, domes, and combination types. These tents allow for more flexible choices that can be tailored to different event themes and styles.

curved roofs tent

structure tent

Aluminum alloy structure tent size

For outdoor commercial activities, space area is often a key requirement. KENTEN event tents can meet the demand for spans ranging from 3 to 60 meters, with lengths that can be extended at 5-meter intervals. The modular design of the tents allows for suitable planning based on the site conditions, creating indoor spaces that can easily cover thousands of square meters to meet the needs of large-scale outdoor events. The assembly-type design allows for flexible installation of floors, lighting, and electrical equipment as well as indoor wall partitions to create different areas to meet specific indoor space needs.

Dome tent | projection screens dome

dome tent

In addition to standard tent designs, KENTEN dome tents have also been highly popular. The ball-shaped tent design is not only structurally ingenious but also internally covered with special projection screens. By using a projection system inside the ball-shaped tent, high-tech and futuristic ambiences can be created. During the daytime, the inside of the tent can be clearly visible from the outside, showcasing beautiful images. At night, external light projection technology can create a soft and dreamy effect on the surface of the tent. These types of tents are perfect for showrooms, banquets, cocktail parties, press conferences, and other commercial occasions.

Different tent designs can create distinct visual experiences. Whatever type of event tent is required, KENTEN event tents provide one-stop solutions for exhibitions, festivals, and other outdoor events with their excellent product quality and rich experience in construction.

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