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The uses and characteristics of exhibition tents

date 2023-09-26
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The exhibition tent is a high-quality modular structure product with the characteristics of beautiful appearance, safety and environmental protection, and flexible construction.

The exhibition tent can effectively withstand strong winds of level 8-10 and is suitable for a variety of automobile exhibitions, furniture exhibitions, brand launches or other celebrations. It can ensure that various activities can be held smoothly in any season throughout the year. The span can range from 6-60m, and the length can be extended infinitely at intervals of 3 or 5m. If you have special requirements, we can also provide you with personalized customization services.

exhibition tent

Aluminum alloy exhibition tent product features:

1. It is quick to build. If there are enough builders, 1,000 square meters can be built in one day;

2. Wide range of applications: suitable for exhibitions, home furnishing exhibitions, car shows and even ceremonial celebrations, wedding banquets and other activities;

3. Safe and stable: high-quality aluminum alloy frame profiles combined with double-sided coated PVC tarpaulins improve the safety of the tent;

4. Powerful functions: windproof, rainproof, sunproof, and flame retardant, allowing exhibition activities to be successfully held in any weather.

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