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Aluminum warehouse tent for sale

date 2023-03-17
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industrial canopy

Compared with traditional warehouses, aluminum warehouse canopies can better meet the needs of enterprises for warehouses. Compared with the long construction period of traditional warehouses, our aluminum warehouse canopies can be used immediately after construction is completed. We can help enterprises complete fast storage. This type of tent warehouse can adapt to market changes and quickly expand storage capacity with a small investment.

Rapid Construction and Relocation

The main structure of our aluminum warehouse canopy is aluminum alloy frame and PVC fabric. No matter where you ship it to, you can use unused land to quickly build temporary storage space.

customizable space

You can build aluminum warehouse canopy space according to your actual needs. The large space designed without a center pole can be divided into different areas according to the storage habits of different companies. Improved warehouse space utilization.

flexible expansion

The structural advantage is the most prominent feature of the aluminum warehouse canopy, which can help enterprises expand or shrink the storage space at any time according to the needs of different stages, because it is a regular modular structure, which can be extended or reduced by 5 meters, which is very convenient.

Safe and reliable temporary storage space

Liri Industrial canopy is an improved and upgraded design, and the gable is an integral sandwich panel wall design, which also ensures the airtightness and durability of the warehouse.

Whether you want to solve the temporary shortage of storage space in the short term, or want to invest in an industrial canopy for long-term use, KENTEN can help you set up a tent in the shortest possible time and solve your different storage needs. In addition, we can provide a full range of services, such as warehouse doors and windows, industrial lighting, constant temperature and air-conditioning equipment and other supporting facilities.

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