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Industrial warehouse tents solve enterprise storage problems

date 2023-07-12
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Many enterprises are faced with various industrial and storage space requirements. In order to solve the space requirements of various industries, KENTEN industrial tents can quickly provide space solutions and solve enterprise problems.

Industrial warehouse tents

Industrial warehouse tents

free and flexible space

Industrial tent is a kind of modular temporary building, generally adopts gable roof tent design, can achieve a clear span from 3m-60m, and the length is not limited. The feature of no pillars inside the tent enables free layout of the site. The length direction can also be changed in size at any time, and the flexibility is very high.

quick installation

The modular design meets the characteristics of rapid construction, and the construction work of thousands of square meters can be completed in one day. The installation site requirements of industrial tents are not high. Professional scaffolding can be used to solve cement, grass, mud, and even uneven ground. The adaptability is very strong, which is one of the reasons why industrial tents are so popular.

Has many uses

As a green building, the lighting of industrial tents is very good. PVC tarpaulins can be selected from three types of tarpaulins: opaque, semi-transparent and fully transparent, which can effectively solve the cost of power consumption, and can also be used on both sides of the tent. Transparent doors and windows are used to increase the lighting and make the indoor environment brighter. Industrial tents have many uses. Welcome to consult.

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