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Frame Tents for Outdoor Event | Aluminium Frame Event Tent

The aluminum frame event tent measures 30 x 140 m Our tents are different from stretch tents and steel tents. 

There are no poles inside, which means you can have 100% of the interior space.

Frame Tents for Outdoor Event

Frame Tents for Outdoor Event

By adding a 5m long extension compartment to the tent, the length of the event tent can be unlimited. Therefore, even though the size is huge, it is not difficult to install and remove. The top cover of the aluminum frame event tent is made of 850g/m2 shading pure white PVC fabric, which has the characteristics of self-cleaning, mildew resistance, UV protection, and flame retardancy. Aluminum frame event tents are usually used for large weddings, outdoor exhibitions, etc.

The material of the aluminum tent frame is aluminum alloy, which is light in weight and easy to transport. Plus, thanks to its modular design, event tents can be assembled and disassembled easily and repeatedly. We can provide you with a variety of tent sidewalls for you to choose from, the most economical PVC sidewalls, luxurious ABS solid sidewalls, glass sidewalls, sandwich sidewalls, etc. Our aluminum frame event tents can always meet your different requirements.

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