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The Best Type of Tent to Cover a Pool

date 2023-06-07
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Many people like to swim and cool down when summer comes. However, there are few swimming pools that can meet the demand, some are not open to the public, and some are built outdoors, which are often affected by the weather. Therefore, covering your swimming pool with shelter can help a lot.

Swimming pool tents will be the best solution to the weather effects of outdoor swimming pools. 

Swimmers can say goodbye to the sun, weather the weather, and swim in sheltered areas all year round. The PVC fabric used in KENTEN tents is not only anti-mildew, but also anti-ultraviolet to a certain extent, which can protect against wind, rain and sun. Swimmers will feel safer and have more fun with this giant parasol-like canopy tent.

The open design can provide you with a wider view and good ventilation. At that time, swimmers can enjoy the fun of swimming outdoors.

Tent to Cover a Pool

Tent to Cover a Pool

Covered Swim Tent

We can also provide structures in many different shapes, such as A-frame tents, polygonal tents, curve tents, etc. Tent dimensions can be customized to standard swimming pool specifications. Doors and windows, air conditioners, exhaust fans, lighting and other facilities can be added to create a complete swimming pool complex.

The aluminum alloy structure tent has the characteristics of flexibility, inclusiveness, and quick installation. Both the clear span width and length can be enlarged or reduced at any time.

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