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Take you to know the modular warehouse tent

The storage tents we design and manufacture adopt modular design, standardized manufacturing, and prefabricated installation, which have the advantages of low cost, short delivery time, long service life, and small environmental damage. Today, it has become the ideal choice for more and more customers with flexible storage needs.

modular warehouse tent

modular warehouse tent

KENTEN Modular Warehouse Tent

Most people know that PVC fabric has the characteristics of waterproof, flame retardant, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, anti-mildew, etc. It is a high-quality and popular building material.

The combination of shading PVC and translucent PVC not only ensures the protection against ultraviolet rays, but also has a certain amount of natural lighting, which helps to reduce electricity costs.

The color we usually choose is white, and customers can also choose other colors or printed logos.

For other special requirements such as heat insulation and snow cover, please choose our insulated roof.

warehouse tent frame

The aluminum alloy frame can meet most of the requirements of the warehouse. It can be installed and removed flexibly and quickly, and is the most economical solution for short-term and long-term industrial storage.

There are various fixing solutions for warehouse tents. Whether it is concrete floors, sand, mud, or even ground that cannot be damaged, warehouse tents can be installed efficiently and removably. Whether for long-term or short-term use, permanent or mobile use, small or large area, if you have needs, KENTEN can provide you with a suitable storage solution.

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