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Commercial Industrial Storage Tents

date 2023-05-09
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Temporary Storage

We can customize commercial storage tents for our customers, which means you can choose the right size according to the storage items. Our warehouse building is KENTEN factory fabricated and can be assembled quickly. Whether it’s storing equipment, cars, or small airplanes, it can do it.

15x135m warehouse tent.jpg

Commercial Storage Tents are made up of aluminum alloy frame structure with corrosion resistance. With the outer gray and inner white PVC fabric covering, it can provide excellent protection for all kinds of weather. 

Our commercial storage tents have many advantages, including fast build, fast shipping, and custom sizes. It can be a temporary warehouse or a permanent building that can be dismantled and moved to another place to continue to be used when it is not needed. To learn more about our commercial storage tents and industrial tents, please contact us for more help.

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