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Geodesic Immersive Projection Domes for Sale

date 2023-03-22
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The immersive projection dome is a large hemispherical design that provides a sense of comfort visually. In order to ensure the performance of stress and safety, we adopt a unique spatial geodesic reticulated shell design, and each mesh forms a triangular structure to make it more stable.

The immersive projection dome is covered with special projection screens that form pictures on the dome through holographic projection technology. Use VR glasses to create a real and virtual interlaced visual sense. Through the lighting and sound system, guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of the future high-tech world.

In addition to interior projection designs, we also have exterior projection designs for domes. With the cool lighting projection, it presents a gorgeous night visual feast.

We have different designs for the roof cover, you can choose standard single color PVC fabric, or you can print your logo, image or text on the roof cover as you want. It is a good way of advertising and has good commercial value.

Geodesic Immersive Projection Domes

Geodesic Immersive Projection Domes

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