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KENTEN Stadium Tent

date 2022-09-21
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The installation of the KENTEN stadium tent of 10,000 square meters can be completed within 7 to 10 days, which greatly shortens the construction period and saves you a lot of cost.

KENTEN Stadium Tent

Modular design

The stadium tent has a modular design. Tent widths range from 3m to 80m and lengths can be extended or shortened as required. This shows that the stadium tent is more humanized and humanized, and can meet the needs of almost any type of stadium. In addition, there are no pillars in the tent, and the spacious and unobstructed activity space can easily solve the layout of various sports facilities.

KENTEN Stadium Tent

high strength

In addition, the stadium tent adopts a high-strength aluminum alloy tent frame, which can withstand outdoor strong winds of 8 to 10. Glass walls or PVC tarpaulins can be used on the sides, while the roof is transparent, or opaque, waterproof and flame retardant PVC fabric. This tent allows athletes to exercise at any time of the year. In addition, logos and custom graphics can be printed on the fabric to help people differentiate the various venues. In order to make the stadium tent suitable for all seasons, you can install accessories such as air conditioners, heaters, generators, lighting systems, etc. in the stadium tent.


In addition to printing patterns on the fabric to distinguish the venues, different types of tents can also serve as venues for different functions. For example, A-type tents for indoor basketball courts, vault tents for indoor badminton courts, polygon-top tents for volleyball courts, curved tents for indoor football fields, and dome tents for ice hockey. hall. Using one type of stadium tent for one sport will make it easier to distinguish the function of the venue.

KENTEN Stadium Tent

KENTEN has extensive experience in the field of gymnasiums. If you need, we can always provide professional customized solutions. For more information, please feel free to contact us directly.

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