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How big is the tent used by 1000 people

date 2022-07-04
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The function of the tent is mainly to provide people with shelter from wind and rain under unfavorable natural conditions. The use of mobile tents is becoming more and more common. What are you waiting for, rent an event tent to keep your event going in any weather. No matter where you are, no matter what event you are hosting, we can provide a tent that suits you according to your requirements.

1000 people event tent

In the case of arranging passages, chairs and rostrums for 1,000-person ceremonies, the area of 850 square meters is equivalent to 0.9 square meters per capita, and the tent area is 950 square meters. Cocktail party for 1,000 people: 1,100 square meters are required to arrange the pick-up area and long table. Group dinner of 1,000 people: Arrange a 1.5-meter round table (long table) tent with an area of 1,500 square meters. If a 1.5-meter round table and entertainment facilities are arranged, Guangzhou Jianting Tent Company recommends leasing an event tent of 1,800 square meters. 1000 people buffet party, the per capita area is 2 square meters, it is recommended to rent a tent of 2000 square meters

1000 people event tent

Besides holding ceremonies, our event tents can also facilitate other events, such as formal talks, company meetings, exhibitions, lawn events, etc. The use of mobile tents is the performance of modern life upgrading. KENTEN tents can be customized in size and shape, we provide you with high-quality tent customization services. You can contact us to provide you with a quotation

1000 people event tent

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