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How much does it cost to rent a tent

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"How much does a tent rental cost per square meter? The author believes that the material of the frame structure, the material of the tarpaulin, the supporting facilities of the tent, the transportation cost, and the cost of construction workers, these factors directly determine the price of the tent rental.

Tent can be divided into the following types from the shape: large tent, spire tent, transparent tent, customized tent, herringbone tent, curved column tent, polygon tent, hexagonal spire tent, Double-layer tents, spherical tents, three-layer tents, air-film flat-top tents, arc-top tents, inflatable thermal insulation tents, small tents, ABS hard wall tents. The materials used in tents with different shapes are different, so the rental prices of different types of tents are different.

The tents can be divided into industrial tents, prefabricated stadiums, event tents, car exhibition tents, beer festival tents, wedding tents, sports event tents, security inspection tents, warehouse tents, brand promotion tents. Room, conference tent, food festival tent, banquet tent, tourist attraction tent, flower market tent, medical rescue tent, opening ceremony tent. Tent for different purposes represents the difference in structural materials, and the rental price is very different.

KENTEN Mainly engaged in tent rental, sales, professional design and manufacture of exhibition tents, event tents, sports tents, storage tents, wedding tents, etc. After 21 years of development, Guangzhou Jianting has become an exhibition organization, exhibition A group exhibition comprehensive enterprise that plans, undertakes the construction of the main venue, undertakes festivals, celebration ceremonies, sports equipment, sports events, and temporary exhibition hall construction plans.

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