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Width Customizable Warehouse Tent | Large Structural Tent
KENTEN warehouse buildings are customizable in size & can be installed quickly on almost any surface, saving you transit time & money.We can all meet your requirements and provide you with customized services. Welcome to consult.
Application of tents in the field of storage
Enterprises and some logistics companies will encounter the problem of insufficient storage space. If you want to quickly solve the storage problem, tent construction is a way to consider
Large aluminum warehouse tents for sale
Professional Industrial Storage Solution KENTEN warehouse tent solutions save you time and money.
Large Outdoor Medical Tent
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, KENTEN offers a variety of medical tents for sale, these medical tents include: medical supplies storage tents, medical emergency shelters, isolation tents,
Large Temporary Warehouse Structures
The KENTEN temporary warehouse structure is suitable for customers who need flexible storage space. No need to spend money to rent or build a warehouse. You can install it on almost any type of ground and it only takes a few weeks to install.
Custom heavy duty storage tent 40x60 with large door
storage tent 3m to 80m span width available to be customized.
Custom Storage Tent for Sale
As a temporary building, the advantages of temporary storage buildings are: design specifications, interchangeable structures, infinite extension or shortening.
Warehouse and storage solutions
Increase your warehouse space with our temporary and permanent facilities
warehousing tents helps you achieve your sustainability goals
We can help you increase your warehouse or storage space with our temporary and permanent warehouses and logistics facilities, that can be placed on short term.
KENTEN offers suitable temporary warehouses or scalable structures
KENTEN has experience in providing temporary warehouses and storage structures worldwide.
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