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Flooring system for structure tent
Flooring system for structure tent.Steel frame flooring installation.Preparing for the shipment.
Universal Structure Tents
We offer clear spans in widths from 3m to 60m, a choice of wall finishes as well as a choice of window styles, including full height gable-end windows to make the most of beautiful surroundings.
Red Cover A Structure Tent for wedding
Red is a very traditional color for Chinese. We always prefer use this color in our happy moment. For example, wedding.
The largest structure tent aluminum alloy profile
The largest structure tent aluminum alloy profile.-KENTEN EVENT GROUP #structure #tent ##marquee #temporarystructure #clearspantent
Structure tents are ideal for weddings, disaster relief, long-term installations or climate-controlled events
Structure tents are preferred due to their free-standing design as the legs are solely around the perimeter. Structure tents may be used with or without sidewalls and can be built in 10’ increments.
Wooden flooring system manufacturing for the structure tent.
Wooden flooring system manufacturing for the structure tent. Wooden surface and plastic bottom tray. Get ready to deliver to Australia.
Aluminum structure frame temporary storage warehouse
Aluminum Structure Frame Structure Tent Outdoor - For Industrial Storage
Arcum tent is an optimized tent structure system with modern curved roof design
Arcum structure tents provide a unique, high-end, modern and eye-catching look that will be an elegant and unique tent solution for festivals, stadiums, trade shows, exhibitions, parties, events, press conferences, warehouses, logistics storage and more.
Advantages of Using Large Aluminum Structure Tents as Warehouses
One of the biggest advantages of using large aluminum structure tents as warehouses is their flexibility. Unlike traditional warehouses, these tents can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled as needed.
Aluminum structure tents are gaining popularity as a temporary event solution
Aluminum alloy structure tents are becoming increasingly popular as a flexible and versatile solution for temporary events and shelter.
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