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The uses and characteristics of exhibition tents
The exhibition tent is a high-quality modular structure product with the characteristics of beautiful appearance, safety and environmental protection, and flexible construction.
Automobile exhibition adopts the advantages of structure tents
Take the automobile exhibition as an example. The exhibition uses multiple tents as temporary exhibition halls.
Aluminum alloy structure tents can provide people with convenient and fast rest and activity space.
Aluminum alloy structure tents can be used for various outdoor activities, exhibitions, celebrations and other occasions, providing people with convenient and fast rest and activity space.
Temporary Pavilion Construction
The temporary exhibition hall covers an area of 20,000 square meters, covering application fields such as education, medical care, industry, aviation, sports
Two story tent can also be used in large international exhibitions to achieve more purposes.
Two story tent structure provides the best space saving solution by creating additional floor coverage where space is at a premium and space limited.
Outdoor exhibitions began to use tents as venues
A tent is a temporary building structure that is flexible, movable, and reusable. It is made of aluminum alloy frame material and can be customized and assembled according to needs.
Commercial Marquee Tent For Event
KENTEN commercial party tent for collaborative events, exhibitions, trade shows, expos, fairs and various outdoor performances
The exhibition tent can be set up quickly and put into the market quickly.
Exhibition tents have good flexibility, economy and safety. The tent products are all made of high-quality aluminum alloy frames, which can be quickly set up and put into the market quickly.
Reasons for choosing structure tents for outdoor exhibitions
the advantages of exhibition tents such as flexibility, economy, display effect, sun and rain protection, and easy transportation and storage make them an ideal choice for modern exhibitions.
Advantages and disadvantages of transparent tents
The flexibility of transparent tents makes them the first choice for temporary buildings. Whether it is an exhibition, outdoor event or commercial venue
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