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The 2022 Creation Festival - dome tents
The 2022 Creation Festival ,KENTEN provided 15 and 18 meter dome tents for this greenhouse.
Geodesic Dome Projection For Sale
Among our recent geodesic dome tent projects, the 360 projection dome is the most representative. Geodesic dome tents have the advantage of large space and have unparalleled advantages in projection.
The Benefits of Choosing a Dome Tent for Your Outdoor
​Dome tents are a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts due to their unique design, durability, and ease of use. These tents have a dome-shaped frame that provides a spacious interior, excellent stability, and efficient ventilation.
Large Dome Tents for Events: Making Your Event Stand Out
large dome tents for events offer numerous advantages that make them the perfect choice for any event.
Large Dome Tents for Sale - Perfect for Your Next Event
Are you looking for a large dome tent for your next event? Look no further! We offer a wide selection of high-quality, durable large dome tents that are perfect for any occasion.
Installation test before delivery of dome tents
With its unique design concept, novel structure, safety and other unique charms, the spherical tent especially attracts the attention of the public
PVC Geodesic Dome Tent For Sale
KENTEN PVC geodesic dome tents span from 3m to 60m, suitable for events of different scales.
KENTEN factory is installing a 15m dome tent
15m dome tents are often used in outdoor exhibitions, activities, cultural tourism hotels and other occasions
Geodesic dome tents find applications in various event
Since the introduction of geodesic dome tents, they have taken the world by storm, with many customers opting for geodesic dome tents to captivate the audience's attention.
Dome tents are widely used in hotels and events - 10m dome tent
dome tents also have the advantages of easy construction, stable structure, and good thermal insulation.
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