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Large gym sports tent for sale
KENTEN Tent provide wide range of tent products for sports venues such as indoor sports field hall and sports arena tent. We offer affordable solutions for indoor sports of all kinds, whether it is tennis, football, badminton, basketball, swimming pool or other sports.
KENTEN Basketball Court tent
The indoor court is a perfect solution for all-weather playing. For these indoor courts, the weather has no longer been a problem, and the usage of sport courts has been greatly increased.
KENTEN sports structure tents are suitable for badminton, basketball, volleyball, football, tennis and other occasions
Choosing a sports structure from KENTEN offers significant cost savings over a more traditional build along with short manufacturing and build times
What are the advantages of basketball court tents?
Basketball court tents can be erected quickly, with low cost and high efficiency, which is one of the main advantages of this type of temporary structure.
Modular Design Aluminum Alloy Basketball Tent
The aluminum alloy tent basketball building material is 6082-T6 aluminum alloy and PVC tarpaulin. The overall construction is very stable and can resist wind level 10
20x30m Indoor Basketball Court
Recently, we have provided a aluminum alloy indoor half basketball court for the half court basketball game.
Sports tents are suitable for a variety of sports occasions
There are many types of sports tents, such as common basketball court tents, badminton tents, swimming pool tents, tennis court tents, etc.
Basketball tent - build an indoor basketball stadium
At present, with the increasing demand for basketball tents in the market, many manufacturers have been able to build a variety of outdoor basketball tents.
Outdoor Basketball Tent: Protecting Players and Fans from the Elements
At KENTEN, we offer a variety of outdoor basketball tents that are perfect for any basketball game. Our tents are made of high-quality materials and designed to withstand strong winds and heavy rain.
Indoor Basketball Court Building | Structure Tent
The indoor basketball court building is designed with a modular structure, therefore, the length, width and internal height of the stadium can be customized.
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