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Basketball tent - build an indoor basketball stadium

date 2023-04-14
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    Events have also been very popular. But for this kind of outdoor sports activities, the fear is the sudden rain and snow. Therefore, outdoor basketball tents are particularly important for fans. It is understood that building a basketball court tent is not only faster to build than building a basketball stadium, but also costs less. At present, with the increasing demand for basketball tents in the market, many manufacturers have been able to build a variety of outdoor basketball tents.

      The main structure of the basketball tent is made of high-quality aluminum alloy frame, and the tarpaulin is double-sided coated PVC tarpaulin, which has safe and stable functions and can effectively resist wind and rain, providing a stable and safe tent for basketball fans. Activity venue. Basketball tents generally have requirements for side height, and the conventional side height needs to reach about 7m. The common shape of basketball tents mainly adopts herringbone tents.

      As a professional tent manufacturer, KENTEN can build tents of various sizes. In addition to being used as a basketball court, it can also be used as a swimming pool, badminton court, tennis court, etc., and can fully realize the multi-purpose effect of one hall. If equipped with appropriate supporting facilities, such as glass curtain walls, insulation layers, floors, auditoriums, etc., the overall space will be more practical.

      If you also have this demand, welcome to inquire.

basketball tents

basketball tents

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