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Party Tents | Party Marquees for Sale
We stock a huge range of party tents in different sizes and shapes, perfect for any outdoor setting. You can use our large tents to protect your guests from strong winds and rain.
Commercial Marquees | Commercial Tent Manufacturers
If you choose to hold your event outdoors, using a commercial tent will be a great solution.
Span 10 / 20 Structure Tent – 10 x 20 Canopy Tent – 20 x 30 Party Marquee
KENTEN 10 by 10 canopy tent / 20x30 party marquee is suitable for commercial events, backyard gathering, wedding hall, sports court.
High Peak Gazebo Tent – Canopy Marquee
High Peak Tent (also called Chinese hat marquee, top marquees), with its classic high-peaked appearance and first-class materials and finishing quality
PVC Marquee - Heavy Duty Party Wedding Tent
PVC Marquee is the perfect solution for your Heavy Duty Party Wedding Tent.
Large Clear Tent – Transparent Tent – Clear Party Tent
When it comes to hosting a memorable and picturesque party or wedding, KENTEN Structure tents and transparent marquees are the ultimate choice.
Wedding marquees is a fashionable solution to the problem of wedding venue.
Based on its modular design, the widths of our wedding marquees are available from 10m to 60m. Flexible design makes it possible to provide different kinds of solutions according to your need.
Clear Tent with Transparent PVC fabric
KENTEN's clear tents and clear marquees are your ultimate choice when you want to host an unforgettable and picturesque party or wedding.
Commercial Marquee Tent For Event
KENTEN commercial party tent for collaborative events, exhibitions, trade shows, expos, fairs and various outdoor performances
Semi-permanent Marquee Tent
This semi-permanent large tent is 20m wide and 30m long. The total area is 600 square meters. Including conference venue, stage construction, equipment entry, and layout work
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