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50m large aluminum alloy structure exhibition tent
The 50m large-scale aluminum alloy structure exhibition tent is a flexible, convenient and beautiful temporary building, which is suitable for various exhibitions.
Large security tents are used in exhibition activities
KENTEN security tents are widely used in outdoor parties, exhibitions, sports activities, commercial activities, opening ceremonies, and other outdoor activities.
Large Waterproof Storage Structure Tent - A Versatile Solution for Outdoor Storage
When it comes to outdoor activities or events, having a reliable storage solution to keep your belongings safe and dry is essential.
Wedding Tent for 300 Guests - The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Memorable Event
For couples planning a large wedding with up to 300 guests, a wedding tent is the perfect solution.
Commercial Tent: Advantages of Large Structure Tent
Our commercial tents are also the perfect solution for every occasion. Whether you are planning a trade show, music festival or corporate event, our tents provide the perfect solution.
KENTEN Large Structure Tent: Tailor-made outdoor event solution for Spanish customers
KENTEN large-structure tents stand out with their superior performance and exquisite design. This advanced tent product will soon be shipped to Spain
Large Clear Tent – Transparent Tent – Clear Party Tent
When it comes to hosting a memorable and picturesque party or wedding, KENTEN Structure tents and transparent marquees are the ultimate choice.
Large Tents For Sports Courts | Covered Outdoor Basketball Court
Sports Tent provides the safest and most cost-effective solutions for Indoor Basketball court cover, football court cover, swimming pool cover, and ice rink, etc.
Set up large temporary storage tents in factories
Temporary storage tents can be set up quickly and have high space utilization. KENTEN provides many types of tents, in addition to the common A-shaped roofs, curved roofs,etc.
Two story tent can also be used in large international exhibitions to achieve more purposes.
Two story tent structure provides the best space saving solution by creating additional floor coverage where space is at a premium and space limited.
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