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Frame Tents for Outdoor Event | Aluminium Frame Event Tent
The aluminum frame event tent measures 30 x 140 m Our tents are different from stretch tents and steel tents.
Sports Event Tents | Best Large Tents
KENTEN has more than 20 years of experience in providing large-scale event tents for sports events, conferences, exhibitions, corporate events, etc. best large tent
Host a Romantic Wedding Outdoors - Large Wedding Tent
Wedding tents are undoubtedly the ideal choice. The open design enables guests not only to enter and exit more freely, but also to enjoy the outdoor beauty in all directions.
Auto show event tent with high-end white interior
If you want to hold a high-end, elegant car show event, an outdoor car show tent is a good choice.
KENTEN structure tents are perfect for your next business event.
Our structures are customizable; you can add your logo and choose your favorite colors, making sure passers-by are drawn to your business with unexpected effects.
Temporary event tents are modular
The temporary event tent adopts a modular design, which has a short construction period, low cost and mobility, and can easily solve the problem of outdoor event venues.
Large outdoor tents have multiple advantages
Large outdoor tents have several advantages. First of all, they are able to provide ample space and can accommodate a large number of people and items.
Choosing the Right Size Structure Tent for Your Event
When planning an event, one of the key decisions to make is choosing the right size structure tent.Here are some tips to help you choose a structure tent.
Weatherproof Your Event with a Durable Structure Tent
A structure tent is a sturdy and versatile solution for events held in harsh weather conditions. These tents are designed to handle high winds
Customize Your Event Space with a Modular Structure Tent
if you have dreams of a unique and personalized event space, a modular structure tent may be the perfect solution.
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