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2021 Air show in Zhuhai

Product : A Frame Tent , Cube Structure Tent , High Peak Tent , Pagoda Tent

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2021 Air show in Zhuhai

What do you feel while airplanes soar over your head over and over again. In this event, you could feel your heart was dragged by the soaring plane throw your ears.

It needed a super huge ground to accommodate this amount of plane, even tank! Certainly, organizer would not ignore thousands of visitors. So they asked us to build many big size A Frame Tents, Pagoda Tents and High Peak Tents.

The special thing is, we also accepted an agreement which is about military shelter. It looks like crazy to put their tanks in. But to us, we just did the same thing like before. This time we used Cube Structure Tent and covered the camouflage fabric so that it has military style.

2021 Air show in Zhuhai
2021 Air show in Zhuhai
2021 Air show in Zhuhai
2021 Air show in Zhuhai
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