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15×15×5m event tent in Guangzhou University Town

we will discuss two A-type event tents that were built in Guangzhou University City: one with dimensions of 20×30×5 meters and another with dimensions of 15×15×5 meters

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15×15×5m event tent in Guangzhou University Town
In this article, we will discuss two types of A-frame event tents built in Guangzhou University Town: one with a size of 20×30×5 meters and the other with a size of 15×15×5 meters.

The 20×30×5m tent was built for a large event held in Guangzhou University City. The tents provide ample space for attendees to move around and mingle with each other during breaks. The event was a success and the organizers were pleased with the convenience and flexibility the tents provided.

This 15×15×5m tent was built in Guangzhou University Town as a temporary event place for school projects.

Both of these A-frame event tents are made from high-quality materials and designed to be weather-resistant. Guangzhou is known for its hot and humid summers, so it's important to make sure your tent is well ventilated and able to withstand wind and rain. Organizers are pleased with the durability of the tents and how well they perform in all weather conditions.

In conclusion, the A-frame event tent is a practical solution for all kinds of events. Whether for a meeting or a summer school project, these tents provide a comfortable and functional space and can be customized to meet specific needs. At Guangzhou University Town, these tents were used to create impressive and functional solutions for their events.

event tent in Guangzhou University Town

event tent in Guangzhou University Town

event tent in Guangzhou University Town

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