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Security Check Tent - 19th Hangzhou Asian Games

The 19th Hangzhou Asian Games have successfully concluded, and safety has been a key factor in the successful organization of this iconic international sports event. Various protective measures were implemented to ensure the safety of participating athletes, staff, and spectators. One such measure was the use of security inspection tents, which provided security screening services for the Asian Games.


 Hangzhou Asian Games

KENTEN, renowned in the industry for its professional expertise and innovative designs, is committed to providing high-quality security inspection tents for a variety of events. In their role providing security inspection tent services for the Hangzhou Asian Games, KENTEN demonstrated their professionalism and extensive experience.

Security inspection tents are a critical component of the safety measures for the Hangzhou Asian Games. They are strategically placed in various areas, including entrances for participating athletes and staff, as well as pathways for spectators entering the venues. These tents are subjected to rigorous safety monitoring. KENTEN customizes security inspection tents of various specifications and types to meet the specific needs of different areas in accordance with the requirements of the Hangzhou Asian Games. All tents are manufactured using high-quality materials to ensure their structural integrity and durability. They are equipped with surveillance and security screening equipment. As the provider of security inspection tent services for the Hangzhou Asian Games, KENTEN not only offers top-quality products and a professional team but also guarantees a smooth execution of this event through their extensive experience and excellent reputation.

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