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15m x 10m Double Decker Tent

KENTEN Double Decker Tent Parameter, Span Width : 15M , Ridge Height : 10.5M , Bay Spacing : 5M

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15m x 10m Double Decker Tent

Product Introduction



Span Width : 15M

Length :10M

Ridge Height : 10.5M

Bay Spacing : 5M

Eave Height : 8M



Main profile: Aluminum alloy F27(6061/T6)

Roof pitch: 18°

Cover: Vinyl fabric textiles, PVC-coated, white, weatherproof, anti-UV radiation, flame retardant B1

Roof: Opaque, weight ≥ 850g/m2

Sidewall: Translucent, weight ≥ 650g/m2

Application Scenarios

double decker tent can accommodate twice as many people as a single-story structure in the same square foot of space. It is therefore ideal for areas to watch indoor or outdoor events, concerts, sports and stadiums.

Double decker tents are perfect for custom brands, high-end restaurants, etc.

We provide customization services for high-end double decker tents with aluminum alloy frames and glass roofs to meet your needs.

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