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PVC transparent window

Tent PVC transparent window is a transparent window product specially designed for tents, aiming to provide good lighting and ventilation performance.

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PVC transparent window

Product Introduction

Detailed introduction of tent PVC transparent window:

Material and structure:

The PVC transparent window of the tent is made of high-quality PVC material, which has high light transmission and durability, and can resist various harsh environments. The frame of the window is made of aluminum alloy or high-strength plastic, which can ensure the stability and durability of the window.

Various sizes and shapes:

Tent PVC transparent windows are available in various sizes and shapes to meet the needs of different tent structures and designs. Common shapes include rectangle, circle, etc.

Additional features:

Some tent PVC transparent windows also have additional functions, such as built-in screens, sunshade curtains or anti-theft nets, etc., to meet different usage needs.


In terms of maintenance, it is recommended to clean the windows regularly to maintain their light transmission and aesthetics.

Tent PVC transparent window is a high-quality, diverse and easy-to-maintain product, suitable for various temporary buildings and outdoor event venues. It can provide good lighting and ventilation performance, and enhance the comfort and visibility of the indoor environment.

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