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Black tent serves as outdoor temporary indoor space

date 2024-02-06
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As an outdoor temporary indoor space, black tents are now widely used in outdoor activities such as exhibitions, celebrations, banquets, etc. with their novel design concepts and structures.

Black tent

Black tents have more structural advantages, with spans from 10 meters to 80 meters. There are no load-bearing pillars inside the black tents, and the site is 100% used. There are no special requirements for the construction site. It can be used on any open space, such as grass, It can be built on both asphalt and cement floors, and the new type of prefabricated building has the characteristics of heat insulation, wind resistance, rainproof, flexible disassembly and assembly, and light storage and transportation.

The black tent is equipped with transparent glass walls, floors, lighting systems and other comprehensive supporting facilities. The combined room uses transparent PVC cloth to create a different outdoor activity for you.

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