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Industrial tent customization

Compared with traditional warehouses, mobile storage tents can better meet the needs of enterprises for warehouses. Compared with traditional warehouses with a long construction period, prefabricated warehouses built with mobile storage tents can be said to be on-call and can be quickly Build a warehouse to help companies solve the problem of rapid transition. This kind of warehouse tent can adapt to market changes, with light investment and quick profits.

Industrial tent customization

Quickly build and relocate our storage tents. The main structure is made of aluminum alloy brackets and PVC tarpaulins. They are shipped in complete packages and are easy to transport. Since this kind of prefabricated building has no special requirements for terrain, it can be transported to any location quickly using idle space. Build storage space.

Customizable Space The customized space of industrial tents can be large or small. The large space design without central pillars can be divided into areas according to the company's own warehousing habits. It can plan and utilize the internal space more rationally. Not only does it not waste space, but it can also achieve 100% space utilization.

The structural advantage of flexible expansion is a significant feature of mobile storage tents. This structural advantage can help companies expand or reduce the storage space at any time according to the needs of different stages. Because the prefabricated structure is a regular modular building, it can be divided into 5 meters increments. The gear can be extended or reduced, which is very convenient.

Whether you are a short-term temporary solution to the problem of insufficient warehouse space, or you want to invest in a long-term transit logistics warehousing base, KENTEN Tent can help you build a customized industrial tent that suits your needs in a short time to solve your warehousing needs. In addition, we can also provide one-stop services, such as doors, windows, lighting, air conditioning and other complete supporting facilities.

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