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The difference between industrial tents and traditional warehouses

date 2024-02-02
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Industrial tents have become more popular in the past two years, because with the development and progress of industry, enterprises have an increasing demand for warehouses. Due to their limitations, traditional warehouses can no longer meet the needs of enterprises. Industrial tents The emergence of tents just solves the shortcomings of traditional warehouses, so what is the difference between industrial tents and traditional warehouses?

Industrial tents

What are the differences between industrial tents and traditional warehouses?

1. Cost issue: The cost of a traditional warehouse is about 500 yuan or more, while the cost of an industrial tent is between 200-500 yuan. The industrial warehouse tent is a more economical choice.

2. Construction cycle: The construction cycle of traditional warehouses is relatively long. It takes more than half a month to wait for approval. After the construction is completed, it also takes time to maintain and maintain. Industrial tents can be used in various occasions and can be built anytime and anywhere, which satisfies the needs of enterprises. demand, greatly shortening the construction cycle.

3. Recycling rate: Once a traditional warehouse is built, it is fixed in place and basically becomes a pile of construction waste after it loses its function. The recycling rate is basically 0%. The material of industrial tents is mainly alloy material and PVC structure. It can be recycled after losing its function. The recycling rate is basically above 50%.

4. Mobility: Traditional warehouses are relatively fixed in terms of site and can only be used in one area. Today's industrial enterprises require warehouses to be mobile at any time due to their high mobility. Industrial tents can be moved at any time to where they are needed.

5. Internal space: The internal space of traditional warehouses is small and has a lot of obstructions. Large mechanical equipment cannot enter the warehouse. Industrial tents are designed with long-span structures to achieve rational use of space.

The above is the difference between industrial tents and traditional warehouses. If you want to know more about industrial tents, please contact us directly.

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