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Methods to temporarily expand the exhibition area

date 2024-01-25
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For many exhibition organizers, when the ordinary exhibition hall area is not enough, we need to expand the exhibition area in a short time. This requires the use of exhibition tents, which can be quickly set up and put into use.

exhibition tent


1. It is simple and quick to dismantle and assemble, the construction cycle is short, and it can be put into use quickly.

2. Suitable for sports, activities, exhibitions and other fields.

3. The frame is small in size after disassembly and is easy to store and transport.

4. Waterproof, sunproof and flame retardant, convenient for storage.

5. There are no pillars inside the tent, so space utilization is high.

6. There are no special requirements for terrain conditions and it can be easily built.

exhibition tent

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