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Quickly build a badminton court tent

date 2024-01-19
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How can we quickly build a venue and make a profit quickly? 

At present, many operators are inquiring about tent badminton halls, because tents can be quickly set up in a short time and can be reused. In terms of safety, they are waterproof, flame retardant, wind and snow resistant, and can pass fire inspections. badminton court.

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The badminton hall tent is an aluminum alloy structure prefabricated building. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the badminton hall tent can also be expanded or reduced in size later according to demand. It not only solves the actual site problem, but also solves the flexibility of the later space. For the tent badminton hall space, the width can be 60 meters without any pillars in the middle, and with anti-slip floors, the 5,000 square meter tent badminton hall can be built in one day.

In addition, in terms of the configuration of the tent badminton hall, the side wall materials can be installed with glass walls, ABS hard walls, and PVC tarpaulins to make the venue more high-end and grand. In terms of shape, in addition to conventional A-type awnings, curved roofs, multi-arched roofs and combination types, you can choose from them.

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