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The idle outdoor space is turned into a large tent building

date 2024-01-16
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As a new type of prefabricated building, tents are widely used in warehouses, exhibitions, sports, weddings and other industries. How to choose a suitable tent is the first question to consider. In addition to a standard all-aluminum frame, what other considerations need to be made?

large tent building

1. The size and structure of the tent.

Based on the size of the construction site, size is the first thing to consider when choosing a tent. If you have the correct size, you can choose the corresponding product, including span, length, edge height and other data.

2. The material of the wall.

Currently, the walls of common warehouse tents on the market are mainly PVC tarpaulins. The tarpaulins are relatively cost-effective and have waterproof, sunscreen, flame retardant and other properties. The color of the tarpaulins can also be customized according to actual needs.

3. Fixed method.

Before building a tent, you must consider how to fix it to achieve better stability. The fixation method not only greatly improves the stability of the tent, but also improves the safety level and can fully withstand strong winds of level 8-10, effectively ensuring the safety of the interior of the tent and the personal safety of employees.

Use idle space to build tents, which can be used for commercial and warehousing purposes to increase income.

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