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How can temporary warehouse structures improve efficiency?

date 2024-01-08
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Large temporary warehouse structure - storage tent

20x150m warehouse tent

The tent has dimensions of 25 x 150 meters and is used as a temporary or semi-permanent warehouse structure. Due to its large interior space, forklifts and other heavy machinery can move freely inside the tent. The width span is from 30 meters to 50 meters, and the length is not limited.

The main structure is composed of high-strength aluminum alloy and steel components. The adjustable bottom plate adapts to various uneven floors. The top cover is made of double-sided PVC-coated synthetic fiber, which has the best flexural strength, waterproof, black-proof, UV-proof, and anti-blocking properties. Combustible and other properties, using high-frequency welding technology to connect. In terms of wind resistance, our tents can withstand wind loads of 80-100 km/h. Walls are available in steel sandwich panels and ABS solid walls. We also provide the roller shutters and related accessories you need for your security project.

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