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Quickly erected temporary buildings - warehouse tents

Warehouse tents are temporary buildings that can be quickly erected. In order to avoid safety risks when natural disasters strike, KENTEN tents use high-strength aluminum alloy frames during production. The hardness and service life of the aluminum alloy can be guaranteed. It can effectively withstand harsh environments such as strong winds and heavy rains.

Warehouse tents

Secondly, if the customer is in a situation where the tent span is very large, the height is very high, or there is a lot of bad weather, we can also add steel cables, counterweight equipment and change the fixing method to increase its safety and stability.

Warehouse tents -2

High-strength aluminum alloy frame, the safety of the tarpaulin is also very important. We use high-quality PVC material tarpaulin, the structure is stable, the space is rain-proof, mildew-proof and flame-retardant. In order to meet the needs of different enterprises, we provide diversified materials and configurations to meet Different needs, the overall space is no less than traditional buildings in later use, and has a high cost performance for long-term use.

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